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Benefits of Murrays Seating



Our seating is ergonomically designed to promote the best posture possible. This is achieved by shaping the seats and providing a high quality chassis which offers full and independent adjustment.

Cost Saving

Correct seating will reduce back pain, fatigue and long term RSI issues, saving vast amounts of money over the years by reducing absences from highly paid, trained clinicians. This weas highlighted by a 3 year clinical study at Nottingham University Hosiptal.

Infection Control

Infection control

The vinyl we use is impregnated with antibacterial agents during the manufacturing process and an anti fungal backing is used on the material. The Five Star base of the chair is strengthened by a T-bar which makes it very easy to clean.

This is superior to the base that is traditionally used which has a honeycomb effect underneath to strengthen it, offering a perfect place for bacteria to breed.

Murrays bases are also light in colour so that any dirt, blood and bodily fluids are easily identified and cleaned; some trusts use the light material colours that we offer to identify any cleaning needs.

We even upholster the undserside of the chair for easy cleaning. In addition our chairs are 100% Latex free including the castors.

Murrays Factory

Hand Made in the UK

Murrays seating is hand made at our factory in Chichester; therefore all our chairs are made to order. A range of optional extras and a wide choice of colours means that you have the flexibility to purchase the seating you need to meet your exact specification.



We provide a 5 year guarantee across our whole range of seating.