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Optional Extras

These are optional additions to our seats. Most of these options apply to every seat we offer, but any restrictions are noted in the descriptions below.

Arm Options

Adjustable Arms

Adjustable arms

A Basic arm that is height adjustable, via a ratchet system, as an upgrade it can also be provided with a swivel action. These are upholstered the same colour as the chair. Available on Five Star, Posture and Gemini Ranges.

Code: Adjarm. Height adjustable arm no swivel.
Code: Adjarm-SA. Height adjustable arm with swivel.

Dixon Arms

Stainless Steel Fully Adjustable Arm

This product is precision engineered, laser cut for accuracy enabling a 360 degree rotating action, at 2 points.

This enables the arm to extend forward or wrap around in front of the operative to provide an elbow rest. The arm is height adjustable with a good range, also removable. These arms provide total flexibility and can be purchased individually if required. Available on Five Star, Posture and Gemini Ranges.

Code: Dix-arm

Table Attachment

Table Attachment

This is fitted to the chair via a swing around back mechanism with a ratchet system. Ideal for clinicians who have to make notes when a table is not available, such as Anaesthetists.

Code: Table-Att

Base Options

Foot height control

Foot Height Control

This is an optional extra that enables the height range of the seat to be adjusted with the foot, instead of a hand lever, ideal for use when in scrubs. This can be fitted to all models.

Code: FHC

Adjustable footring

Adjustable Foot Ring

Supplied as standard with high cylinder. However can be supplied as an optional extra on a standard height cylinder.

Code: Ft-ring

Polished Aluminium Base

Polished Aluminium Base

This is an optional extra that is used to enhance the appearance in areas where the cream base is not appropriate.

Code: Ali-base

Smaller Base

Smaller Base

This 19" base is ideal when space is limited or the clinicial needs to get close to the patient.

Code: APC-19

Feet Options

Load Locking Castors

Load Locking Castors

Load Locking Castors provide ease of movement from one place to another; however the castors lock automatically when weight is applied.

Code: LLCastors

unLoad Locking Castors

Un-load Locking Castors

Un-Load Locking Castors provide stability at the point of sitting in the chair, however the castors automatically unlock when weight is applied, providing movement whilst working.

Code: un-LLCastors

Manual Castors

65mm Manual Locking Castors

65mm Manual Locking Castors provide the user the choice to lock the chair in position, or have the castor freewheeling.

Code: 65mm-manloc


Glides (Static feet)

Plastic feet, to provide a static stool at all times, typically used in laboratories.

Code: Glides